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Chef Matthew Delsignore Shares 4 Smart Marketing Tips for Small Restaurants

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Chef Matthew Robert Delsignore is a restaurant guru with unsurpassed passion and energy for everything involving restaurants. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and is not afraid to get his hands a little dirty to get things done. Currently working as a sushi chef for a new restaurant and cultivating his interest in Asian cuisine, Delsignore knows how crucial creative marketing is during a time when health is the primary concern for changes in the industry. Below, the insightful chef reveals four marketing tips for small restaurants that also keep the customer's best interest in mind.

1. Take Advantage of Email

Though some consider it an old avenue, now is the time to take advantage of the benefits email still provides. Amid a pandemic, people still want to know someone is thinking about them on their birthday. Send out personalized birthday emails to customers on their special day and provide them with a coupon code, a free item, or delivery on the house.

Utilize a marketing email formula for success by personalizing and automating messages. Emails that stand out in someone's inbox usually are personalized or target past favorable actions. Combine email marketing automation with customer data you have collected, such as how frequently the customer visits and what he or she orders.

2. Give Back to Get Engaged

A great way to market your restaurant is through the simple act of giving back to customers. The coronavirus is forcing people to stay indoors when they can, and families are looking for activities to keep them occupied at home. Create a food blog and use it as an outreach to reveal weekly kitchen recipes people can try at home. You can stream live and cook with your customers, or upload a pre-shot video onto your blog.

You can also get your customers engaged in creating a supportive community by adding in a weekly recipe feature from one of your supporters. Have customers submit videos of how to cook their dishes and select a different winner every week.

3. Practice Food Presentation

When more people are utilizing Instagram now more than ever to communicate, step up your social media game by practicing your food presentation. When food goes in a to-go box, its display can be easily lost. However, you can stack your website and social media accounts with pictures of food presentations that will leave customers craving and soon ordering one of your meals.

4. Boost Online Discovery

At a time when people are turning more to food deliveries than facing the grocery store, you want to make sure your restaurant is easy to discover online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help with that, as well as having a presence on popular hubs like Yelp.

About Matthew Delsignore

Matthew Delsignore is an expert in the restaurant business, particularly specializing in Asian cuisine. A position of a sushi chef at a new establishment allowed Matthew Robert Delsignore to share not only his love of food but also his knowledge of the industry. He is best known for his work ethic and enthusiasm, combined with a passion for fitness.

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