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Matthew Delsignore, Chef and Restaurant Guru, Discusses Three Big Advantages of Meal Prepping

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Up until recently, the concept of meal prepping has been pretty unknown. Nowadays, though, it seems every social media board is full of meal prepping tips, tricks, and ideas. So, what is meal prepping? In this article, Matthew Delsignore — chef and restaurant business professional — answers this question and also shares three big advantages of preparing your meals in advance.


Meal prepping is the act of planning ahead and making days’ worth of food ahead of time and dividing up meals into storage containers to have later. This is most popular with breakfasts and lunches for people who are always on-the-go and need something convenient that they can eat quickly.


People meal prep for a variety of reasons, especially if they have a family or they’re into fitness. However, one common misconception about meal prepping is that there is a lack of variety. Considering that it has many advantages, though, more and more people are picking up the practice and are sticking to it because it works so well.


Here are the three biggest advantages of meal prepping by Matthew Robert Delsignore:

  1. Healthier Diet

If you find yourself eating whatever is available, nearby, or quick, which usually means junk food and fast food, meal prepping can help control and aid in monitoring your diet. This can ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.


By preparing your meals ahead of time, you have a moment to pick and choose what goes into your diet and make conscious decisions.

There are many meal prepping guides that are specifically designed with health in mind to help you with this. They focus on foods that are high in protein, vitamins, and fiber, which also have a longer shelf life once prepared.


For instance, many people enjoy cooking up a salad that uses quinoa, kale, and root vegetables, and top it off with a protein like chicken or fish for a delightful lunch full of flavor, protein, fiber, and nutrients. With something that’s easy to “dress up,” you can change the flavor profile throughout the week for something new each day, such as using honey mustard dressing on one day and sesame ginger on another.


2. More Free Time

Walking or driving to the nearest store or restaurant can be time-consuming on your busy day. Bringing your meal with you can save time when every minute counts.


While meal prepping involves spending an hour or two upfront at the beginning of the week, there are ways to consolidate the time spent cooking, such as using a sheet pan to cook your proteins and vegetables together.


3. Better Budgeting

Another reason why people choose to meal prep is that it saves them hundreds of dollars every month.


Rather than going out and purchasing a meal and drink for upwards of $10–25 every single day, by bringing your own food, you’ll be spending significantly less. Most meal prep recipes online are budget-friendly and can be made for under $5 a serving, some under $2.


Along with bringing your own reusable water bottle or coffee from home, you’ll be saving around $10 a day, which adds up to $200 a month, or $2400 a year!


About Matthew Delsignore:

Matthew Robert Delsignore is an expert in the restaurant business, particularly specializing in Asian cuisine. A position of a sushi chef at a new establishment allowed Matthew to share not only his love of food but also his knowledge of the industry. He is best known for his work ethic and enthusiasm, combined with a passion for fitness.

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